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High uric acid levels, aka hyperuricemia, associated with gout, are associated with higher Poison/"Vitamin A" levels

If you have high uric acid levels and/or suffer from gout or gouty arthritis, you are practically guaranteed to be Poison/"Vitamin A" toxic.

The Independent Association of Serum Retinol and β-Carotene Levels with Hyperuricemia – A National Population Study

Use of synthetic vitamin A derivatives (e.g. isotretinoin used for severe acne) and high doses of preformed vitamin A have been implicated in the pathogenesis of hyperuricemia and gout
Hyperuricemia is the precursor of gout, an excruciatingly painful inflammatory arthritis with a growing disease burden (1). Use of synthetic vitamin A derivatives and high doses of preformed vitamin A (i.e. retinyl esters, the retinol precursor) have been implicated in the pathogenesis of hyperuricemia and gout (24). For example, the FDA has reported cases of hyperuricemia and gout developing after the use of isotretinoin, a synthetic derivative of vitamin A, for severe acne (5). Furthermore, acitretin use, a synthetic retinoid, has also been associated with development of severe hyperuricemia (17mg/dL) and tophaceous gout (4), The conversion step from retinol to its more toxic metabolite, retinoic acid, by xanthine oxidase has been hypothesized to potentiate uric acid production when the retinol level is increased (3). Furthermore, several shared factors that may link hypervitaminosis A to hyperuricemia and gout have also been proposed, including alcohol use, renal insufficiency, and common food sources (2,3).

  • In this nationally representative population study of US men and women, we found that serum uric acid levels and the frequency of hyperuricemia increased with increasing serum retinol levels in a graded manner.
  • These findings provide the first evidence that supports a substantial link between vitamin A levels and serum uric acid at the national population level, and raise concerns that vitamin A supplementation and food fortification may contribute to the high frequency of hyperuricemia in the US.
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