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Gulf War Illness, a perfect example of the Unified Theory of Modern Chronic Disease

These guys are definitely on the right track!

Gulf War Illness: Unifying Hypothesis for a Continuing Health Problem

An estimated 25%–32% of veterans of the 1991 Gulf War continue to experience multiple unexplained health problems known as Gulf War Illness (GWI). GWI encompasses chronic pain, musculoskeletal weakness, headache, fatigue, cognitive deficits, alterations in mood, and numerous multi-system complaints. Most potential exposures implicated in GWI were not well documented but included varying levels of several neurotoxicants as well as the anticholinergic drug pyridostigmine bromide (PB), which was routinely taken as prophylaxis against the nerve agent soman. While some veterans also took chloroquine as an antimalarial agent, the literature suggests an association between receipt of multiple vaccinations prior to or during the conflict (perhaps combined with other exposures), and GWI. In-theater exposures may account for any single individual veteran’s ill health but many veterans of the same era who were not deployed overseas also suffer the same or similar symptoms. The features of GWI also overlap with those of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity, in all of which liver dysfunction has been documented, suggesting a unifying hypothesis. It is proposed that multiple vaccinations, with concurrent or subsequent exposure to PB or additional chemical insults of a liver-damaging nature, plausibly explain the pathogenesis and the observed chronicity of GWI. The suggested mechanism for GWI is thus a chemically-induced impaired liver function, with the spillage of stored vitamin A compounds (“retinoids”) into the circulation in toxic concentrations, resulting in an endogenous chronic form of hypervitaminosis A. Implications of the hypothesis are briefly reviewed.
Here's what I can say about the missing parts in their hypothesis (they did an amazing job):
  • Glyphosate inhibits the breakdown of Poison/"Vitamin A" in the liver, that's your main chemically-induced liver function.  The military is not feeding its soldiers organic foods...they're probably getting some of the highest glyphosate-containing, government-subsidized food out there, especially overseas in theater.
  • Quinoline antimalarial medications increase Poison/"Vitamin A" in the bloodstream to toxic levels, probably through forcing the release of it from the tissues into the bloodstream.
  • Other sources of Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity were then ingested ("eat the rainbow", fortified foods like grains and dairy, organ meats, supplements, skincare, etc.), which only contributed to the overload
  • Vaccines have been shown to cause more damage in the context of excessive Poison/"Vitamin A"

They are absolutely onto something here.  This is a problem that can be addressed and corrected!

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