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Glyphosate causes the same problems in plants as it does in humans, with similar "fixes"

What if scientists were admitting that glyphosate caused disease in plants...and that the exact same mechanisms were hurting plants as are also hurting humans and other animal life?  What if they suggest approaches to fix it, that look exactly like what we are suggesting to fix the same problems in people?

Glyphosate effects on diseases of plants

However, this relatively simple, broad-spectrum, systemic herbicide can have extensive unintended effects on nutrient efficiency and disease severity, thereby threatening its agricultural sustainability. A significant increase in disease severity associated with the wide spread application of the glyphosate herbicide can be the result of direct glyphosate-induced weakening of plant defenses

Weakening the immune system.

and increased pathogen population and virulence.

Increased strength of and damage caused by pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc.).

Indirect effects of glyphosate on disease predisposition result from immobilization of specific micronutrients involved in disease resistance,

Making nutrients unavailable to the organism.

reduced growth and vigor of the plant from accumulation of glyphosate in meristematic root, shoot, and reproductive tissues,

Decreased organism size, health (vigor), and fertility.

altered physiological efficiency,

Decreased metabolic rate aka metabolism.  It requires more inputs/energy to do less physiological "work".

or modification of the soil microflora affecting the availability of nutrients involved in physiological disease resistance.

Another word for microflora is "biome".  Maybe you've heard of this lately?

Now they start suggestion strategies to solve the problem!

Strategies to ameliorate the predisposing effects of glyphosate on disease include judicious selection of herbicide application rates,

Reduce/minimize/eliminate the source of the toxicity.  "The first step in de-toxing is to stop in-toxing."

micronutrient amendment,

Replacing the stolen & missing micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) based on TESTING, not GUESSING.  They analyze the soil to find out what it is missing, and what it needs.  This is what I do via hair mineral analysis and blood testing in my Nutrititional Restoration programs.

glyphosate detoxification in meristematic tissues and soil,

We use specific compounds that have been found to remove glyphosate from the soil and tissues.

changes in cultural practices to enhance micronutrient availability for plant uptake,

Making sure toxins in foods are avoided (Poison/"Vitamin A") and preparing & eating foods and supplements in such a way as to minimize toxicity and increase bioavailability.

and biological amendment with glyphosate-resistant microbes for nitrogen fixation and nutrient availability.

This is a fancy way of saying "get your good bacteria" from somewhere.  Specific cultured foods--and it doesn't take much at all--are much better and cheaper sources of the "good bacteria" for your gut than super-expensive pills.  Here's a video I did on gut health myth-busting:

As above, so below.  The solutions to healing plants from glyphosate damage is the same as healing humans from glyphosate damage.

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