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From - "When Carrots May Not Be Good For You"

When Carrots May Not be Good for You

A decent article, however, I have some points of contention with it.

  1. Retinoic acid is inflammatory in ALL individuals, not "some". Retinoic acid is used for chemical peels of the skin, and it's not like it doesn't work at all on "some" people.
  2. The author states that "At this point, there is no clear measure or suggestion to eliminate or reduce vitamin A in certain non-celiac and/or celiac gluten-sensitive individuals." This is NOT true, in the real world and in the literature, the author is likely just not aware of it. People who have purchased my Poison/"Vitamin A" Detox Program or who gain access to it as a Nutritional Restoration client have distinct measures to reduce their intake of carotenoid and Vitamin A intakes from ALL sources (including cosmetics, a critically important part), along with the knowledge of how to speed the elimination of it from body.
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