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Golden Rice by Bayer/Monsanto, Genetically Modified (GMO) to produce Poison/"Vitamin A"

Golden Rice is a genetically modified organism (GMO) that is made by Bayer (new owner of Monsanto, who originally created this monstrosity). (beware, propaganda inside)

Monsanto is an expert at creating poisons like glyphosate/Round-Up, DDT, Agent Orange, dioxins, and PCBs (their "top ten poisons" are listed here).  With all their expertise in poisoning humanity, they have now decided to genetically modify rice to make its own beta-carotene.

Oh, but it was SO KIND of Monsanto to do this, wasn't it?  As a company, they are well known for helping the little guys, right?  [/all sarcasm]
"Monsanto Co. has agreed to provide royalty-free licenses to speed up work on a genetically modified rice that could alleviate vitamin A deficiency around the world."

Turns out, Golden Rice doesn't make enough beta-carotene to warrant a nutritional claim, and creates concern that it will infect other crops with its modified genetics:

GMO Golden Rice Offers No Nutritional Benefits Says FDA

GMO Golden Rice Offers No Nutritional Benefits Says FDA

"The biotech industry and its supporters have promoted GMO Golden Rice for decades as an urgently needed solution to vitamin A deficiency.

But, in a surprising twist, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded its consultation process on Golden Rice by informing its current developers, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), that Golden Rice does not meet the nutritional requirements to make a health claim.

Golden Rice refers to GMO rice plants modified to produce beta-carotene (also called provitamin A) in their grain. This latest version of Golden Rice contains three added genes. Two specify enzymes in the β-carotene biosynthesis pathway, and are taken from bacteria and maize. The third specifies a (non-antibiotic) selectable marker protein used in the modification process (Paine et al. 2005).


In IRRI’s consultation with FDA, IRRI stated it has no intention of marketing Golden Rice in the US. Nevertheless, in part because rice is wind pollinated, it is expected that, if commercialized, Golden Rice GR2E will contaminate U.S. rice imports.

Since 1996, when they were first grown commercially, many hundreds of GMO contamination events have been documented (Price and Cotter, 2014). This includes contamination by an unreleased GMO rice that led to a massive disruption of the global rice market in 2006-08. Hence the need to consult with US and other national authorities."

There is a pattern to the poisoning, folks.

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