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Fish oil supplements contain significant amounts of Poison/"Vitamin A" and Hormone D

You don't have to take my word for it.  This has been reported in the literature since the 1980s.

Clinical applications of fish oils.

Data currently available are insufficient to recommend fish oil supplements for the general public, or for patients with other diseases, and side effects must also be considered. These include occasional adverse lipid changes, potential for bleeding and vitamin E deficiency, and, with some preparations, vitamin A and D toxicity.

One of the ways the body gets rid of excess Poison/"Vitamin A" is through converting it to cholesterol ("adverse lipid changes").

Poison/"Vitamin A" is known to deplete Vitamin E.

Nearly all fish oils report no Poison/"Vitamin A" content.  However, cod (the muscle meat) itself contains both retinol and carotenoids, so does salmon, so does tuna. Based on this pattern, it is a safe assumption that "fish oil", which is where the Poison/"Vitamin A" IS in the fish (fat-soluble vitamin, remember?), would also be in the final extracted fish oil.

Why might people feel better at the start of taking fish oil?  Look up the Duration Paradox on this site, where taking more Poison/"Vitamin A" at the start seems to help an issue/tissue, and then steadily destroys that very same issue/tissue over time.

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