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I want to do a Poison/"Vitamin A" Detox after reading all this.  Is there more information somewhere?

  • Dr. Smith has made a comprehensive program of information to help people avoid Poison/"Vitamin A" for the 6 months necessary (3 months for those less toxic) to fully deplete the excess Poison/"Vitamin A" from the system (mainly liver and bodyfat stores).  Contact Us to get access.  Those who undertake their own individualized Nutritional Restoration program with Dr. Smith (correcting other nutrient deficiencies / excesses / imbalances) can expect quicker and more thorough results.

Can I join the forum?

  • No, not yet at least.  This forum is intended to be a place for me to organize my ideas/evidence/research into organized categories.  I like forums much more than blogging, so I'm going to do it this way.

Are the product links affiliate links?

  • Yes, they are.  Your support by purchasing through these affiliate links when possible is greatly appreciated.  You'll see that this is a very minor part of this website.

Some of the entries don't seem finished, why is that?

  • Because I'd rather store the unfinished info here, so that I'm reminded to finish those entries (and I will mark them as such) than just keep putting more links into my Pocket app.  This is a work in progress, you'll have to deal with it.

This is too "science-y" for me, it's over my head.  Can't you make it simpler?

  • I am accumulating the scientific evidence, combining it with my own observations, integrating evolutionary biology concepts, and then making logical conclusions from it.  As I am going against widely accepted norms in both the conventional and alternative views, I better have stuff to back it up, right?  Once I have the evidence, then I can do TL;DR (too long; didn't read) "Reader's Digest" versions...because then I'll have already accumulated the background science for the doubters/haters/trolls/shills to crash into.  I'm sure there will be a book someday.

You're questioning what I learned from school / interwebz blogging guru / books / my doctor / etc.  I'm angry at you because these authorities shouldn't EVER be questioned!  Where can I post about this?

  • Create your own website and have at it.  I have no patience for closed-minded cynics here who insist on believing the mainstream info that has RUINED our collective health--who didn't bother to question the information when they got it in the first place--yet feel absolutely comfortable in questioning/attacking me now for making them use their brain.  Did you know that one of the symptoms of Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity is irritability?  There are no coincidences, you know!
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