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Examples of the Duration Paradox of Poison/"Vitamin A" taken straight from the scientific literature

The Duration Paradox explained simply is the pattern that any issue that Poison/"Vitamin A" seems to help with or relieve in the beginning, will absolutely end up AGGRAVATING and DESTROYING that very same issue over time.  I have used an example of a chronically fatigued person (they already have a health issue) who decides to start using cocaine to help them get more stuff done ("energy")...this works for a while and they get lots of stuff done...until their ENTIRE LIFE FALLS APART.  Poison/"Vitamin A" is sort of like that.  It's helpful...until it very much ISN'T.

Here is a paper that theorizes about the existence of the Duration Paradox, in more scientific terminology:

Retinoic Acid, Leaky Gut, and Autoimmune Diseases

However, as RA works with a microenvironment-specific mechanism that derives distinct and even controversial consequences, more studies are needed to unravel its immunomodulatory actions under different circumstances. Furthermore, although beyond the scope of our review, evidence exists linking RA toxicity to several acute and chronic diseases [233,234].
Therefore, many of the short-term observations described in our review may be temporary consequences due to the feedback inhibitory effect of RA and that longer-term observations could actually reveal toxic effects that may, in fact, indicate a causal role for RA in these same autoimmune diseases.

They are basically saying that the positive things they are observing short-term may be completely the opposite of what happens long-term.

I will be putting short blurbs from articles here that demonstrate these differences.

The effects of vitamin A supplementation with measles vaccine on leucocyte counts and in vitro cytokine production.

Our results corroborate that VAS [Vitamin A Supplementation] provided with MV [Measles Vaccine] has immunological effects, which may depend on sex and previous VAS. VAS may increase the number of leucocytes, but also repress both the innate and lymphocyte-derived cytokine responses in females, whereas this repression may be opposite if the females have previously received VAS.

Note the OPPOSITE response if there had been PREVIOUS Poison/"Vitamin A" supplementation.

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