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Eliminating peanuts and cashews gets rid of 4-year psoriasis

Dr. Garrett,
A belated note of thanks for your help treating my husband, Scott last year. I know you love to have previous correspondence attached, but with computer changes, it is archived! A short re-cap....Scott dealt with psoriasis for 4 years, and by last July, it covered a large percentage of his body, and he actually had deep crevices in the palm of his hand. At the worst point, you had reassured me that it was the critical turn.....worse before better scenario. Indeed, it was. He was psoriasis free within 2 weeks! He had stopped eating peanuts, peanut butter, and cashews at this time, which ultimately was the culprit. Thought you might enjoy a good ending to the story and a bit of factual data for others who suffer with psoriasis.

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