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Digestion, appetite, libido, sun tolerance, muscle tension, all improved!

This is what we do.  This person is doing Nutritional Restoration with me (where we use hair and blood tests to correct nutrient deficiencies / excesses / imbalances), and has added the Poison/"Vitamin A" and Glyphosate Detox Program to the process in the last 6 months.  See below.

I wanted to send an update before our upcoming consultation. Since my last consult, I have greatly reduced vitamin A intake, averaging roughly 70-80 IU for the last 6 months (Feb to Aug). Despite that my VA blood tests still look horrendous, I feel much better. My average daily VA intake for last ~11 months since stopping the VA supplement is about 450 IU (cronometer).

Symptom Updates:

  1. My appetite and libido have normalized since our last consult.
  2. My tolerance and taste for wine has improved. I used to get dizziness or headaches and generally disliked the taste, but now I enjoy a glass with dinner once or twice a week with no bad effects.
  3. Digestion has been great! My diet is mainly rice, beans (pinto), white onion, garlic, coconut water, and 16-24 oz of beef per week. I occasionally have egg whites, gelatin, refined coconut oil, parsnip, and raisins. I can discuss more details about foods if you are interested.
  4. The orange color in my palms is gone. There is still a bit of a yellow tint on my feet, but it is almost unnoticeable compared to how it was before.
  5. I have been spending time out in the sun when possible. I am no longer as sensitive to the sun as I was last August. I can stay outside without any sunscreen for many hours and still only tan, not burn.
  6. It feels like my muscles are finally able to relax. The pain behind my knee/inner calf area has disappeared despite that I am back to exercising, which used to aggravate it (see 7). In general, my joints crack less.
  7. I have been back to powerlifting for the last two months and am able to recover despite my workouts being challenging. I am definitely not as strong as I was about 1.5 years ago, but I am getting stronger each week.
  8. I believe I went through intense detox cycles back in early February and March when I first drastically lowered my VA intake (below 100 IU). I got a persistent outbreak of acne on my face (despite that I always had fairly clear skin), I got sick with colds in February and March (despite that I rarely get sick), I had some stomach issues during Feb/March, and I got random and odd aches/pains and sensations in my body, one of which was in my left rib area. All of these things have cleared up aside from the occasional acne and I feel a positive difference in my body overall.
  9. I have been having headaches on the weekends lately, but cannot seem to find the root cause. I believe it may be related to spending time in the sun or the heat/humidity.

My comments:

These are all great improvements for 6 months of consistent, solid work.

If you or someone you know had orange/yellow feet and/or hands, then I can say with little doubt that person is toxic with Poison/"Vitamin A".  We see this problem disappear with the program.

Note the description of what I call "detox cycles".  These are very real, they are manageable, and people see improvements after each one has passed.  We are getting a poison out of the is a poison on the way IN, and it feels like the poison it is as it is coming OUT.


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