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Cows supplemented with Poison/"Vitamin A", which means the milk is too

Here in the US, all low-fat dairy is supplemented with Poison/"Vitamin A", on top of the cows being supplemented with it...

Vitamin A: An Important Winter Nutrient
"While grazing green grass, cattle get plenty of vitamin A but during the winter vitamin A may be deficient and should be supplemented. Including vitamin A in a mineral mix is a common and effective method of ensuring cattle get the vitamin A they need.

Fortunately, supplementing cattle with vitamin A is relatively easy and cost effective. Supplement vitamin A in the winter. There’s no need to supplement in the summer when grass is green. At the end of summer the liver will have high vitamin A concentrations. But by the end of the winter vitamin A deficiencies may exist without supplementation.

Ranchers can provide vitamin A in a mineral supplement or with an injection. Although minerals store very well, vitamins have a relatively short shelf life. Don’t store a mineral-vitamin mix for longer than one year. If a mineral-vitamin package is not fed within about a year the minerals are still good but vitamin activity can be reduced. In that case giving a vitamin A injection would allow a producer to meet requirements without wasting minerals. Oral pastes or drenches are also available."

Apparently G-d/Nature made a huge mistake with cows, and forgot to give them a source of Vitamin A in the winter months...OR just maybe, is the winter when the cows would detox the Poison/"Vitamin A" that overloaded their liver the rest of the year, and that is the grand design?

I would bet that many of the deficiency symptoms mentioned in that article can be directly tied to deficiencies of the other nutrients commonly involved in so-called Poison/"Vitamin A" deficiencies (protein deficiency, zinc deficiency, etc.)...oh wait, a ten-second search found that too:

Vitamin A -Properties and Metabolism
"Deficiencies of dietary protein, phosphorus, zinc and iodine during gestation can also impair vitamin A metabolism in the cow and reduce colostral vitamin A supply to the calf."

The patterns are all right there once we know what to look for.

Dr. Garrett Smith, the "Nutrition Detective"
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