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Case Study: [Treatment of acne with consequences -- pseudotumor cerebri due to hypervitaminosis A].

[Treatment of acne with consequences -- pseudotumor cerebri due to hypervitaminosis A].

Pseudotumor cerebri (PTC) is an entity characterized by elevated intracranial pressure of probably multifactoral origin, but most cases remain idiopathic. We report a 15-year-old girl with PTC due to prolonged consumption of Arovit (Vitamin A) for treatment of acne. The diagnosis was established by measuring raised cerebrospinal fluid pressure after an intracranial mass lesion and dural venous sinsus thrombosis were excluded. The increased level of vitamin A confirmed the diagnosis of hypervitaminosis A as the causative pathogen. The patient was treated with lumbar punctures and acetazolamide (Diamox). PTC due to hypervitaminosis A is a serious complication, which can cause permanent visual impairment. Patients treated with retinoids require proper surveillance. The elevated serum level of retinoids after withdrawal may persist for weeks.

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