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Case study: Liver cirrhosis from eating beef liver

Just because someone says that "liver can't make you toxic in Vitamin A" on a YouTube video, doesn't mean it is true.  It's really not hard to find this stuff, are they even looking?  From 1986:

Hepatic and dermatologic manifestations of chronic hypervitaminosis A in adults. Report of two cases.

Chronic hypervitaminosis A in adults is a clinical syndrome that can develop over varying periods of time depending on the average daily intake of vitamin A. Two adult cases of chronic hypervitaminosis A are described and illustrate this diverse dosage-duration relationship. Hepatic cirrhosis developed as a manifestation of vitamin A toxicity in one of the patients; this appears to be the first reported case of chronic hypervitaminosis A in an adult induced by the long-term frequent ingestion of beef liver.

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