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Case study: Carotenemia from too many oranges

Orange is a main color of carotenoids.

[A case report of carotenemia].

Carotenemia is a common disease in children, and it is mainly due to excessive intake of food enriched with carotene. A fourteen-year-old girl, whose skin had been discolored yellow for several months, was brought to Kaohsiung Medical College Hospital for examination. Physical examination revealed she had a marked yellow color skin, especially on the palms and soles; conjunctiva was not anemic; sclera was not icteric; breath and heart sounds were normal; liver and spleen were not enlarged. Laboratory examination revealed normal results for the liver function test, however, serum carotene was elevated to 460 micrograms/dl in contrast to 80 micrograms/dl from a same-aged healthy child as a control (normal range of the serum carotene: 50-250 micrograms/dl). Tracing back her past history, she had taken a lot of oranges daily for more than one year. After consulting a nutritionist and changing her eating habits to a balanced diet for eight weeks, the serum carotene level decreased to 270 micrograms/dl (same-aged healthy child: 30 micrograms/dl). The skin color was also improved.

Note the numbers on the serum carotene.

Her first test, at its highest:  460

Her second test, after EIGHT WEEKS of carotenoid restriction:  270

Value for a "same-aged healthy child":  80 (I think the 30 was a typo, and was supposed to have repeated the 80)

Normal range: 50 - 250

People think detoxes are a "weekend" thing, or even a week-long event.  Detoxing Poison/"Vitamin A" is not a vacation/holiday.  It is MONTHS of consistent work.  Note that after two months, this girl was still NOT in the normal range, and was still 3.5 times higher than the "same-aged healthy child" (I think the 30 is a typo, and should have been 80).  I discuss timelines in the Poison/"Vitamin A" and Glyphosate Detox Program, and when one gets obvious excess carotenoids in their tissues, it seems that the full process is actually likely to take even longer.

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