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Case studies: Young children getting excessive carotenoids from juice and their teeth FALLING OUT

I have another post here on how Poison/"Vitamin A" causes tooth decay and other dental problems.  Here is a real-world example.  Wondering why kids of "health seekers" are seeing their teeth have rampant decay?  It may not be the sugar boogeyman...

[Carotene jaundice in infants with "sugar nursing bottle syndrome"].

Carotenemia and extensive caries of primary teeth were the consequence of excessive consumption of carrot products in nursing bottles in children of ages 1 to 5. The carbohydrate content of six juices available to the consumers was analysed to be 6.9 to 14.3 g sugar/100 ml. We examined 142 children whose completely destroyed maxillary anterior teeth had to be extracted. 36 of the parents of these children, fed different brands of carrot-juices in addition to sugar- and/or acid-containing beverages after the first twelve months of life. Two children consumed carrot-juices only.



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