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Breastmilk containing Poison/"Vitamin A" goes along with breastmilk containing many other toxins

Many people think, "well, if Vitamin A is a poison, why would it be present in breastmilk?"  This is a fairly common ASSumption, until we look at all the other known toxins that the human body puts into breastmilk as well, that definitely are NOT nutrients.

Does Mother's Milk Transfer Environmental Toxins to Breast-Feeding Babies?

According to writer Florence Williams, whose groundbreaking 2005 article in the New York Times Magazine opened many women’s eyes to the environmental health issues with breastfeeding, breast milk tends to attract heavy metals and other contaminants due to its high-fat and protein content. “When we nurse our babies, we feed them not only the fats, sugars and proteins that fire their immune systems, metabolisms and cerebral synapses,” she reports. “We also feed them, albeit in minuscule amounts, paint thinners, dry-cleaning fluids, wood preservatives, toilet deodorizers, cosmetic additives, gasoline byproducts, rocket fuel, termite poisons, fungicides and flame retardants.”
“Along with its antibodies, enzymes and general goodness, breast milk also contains dozens of compounds that have been linked to negative health effects,” reports MOMS, which lists Bisphenol A (BPA, a plastic component), PBDEs (used in flame retardants), perchlorate (used in rocket fuel), perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs, used in floor cleaners and non-stick pans), phthalates (used in plastics), polyvinyl chloride (PVC, commonly known as vinyl) and the heavy metals cadmium, lead and mercury as leading offenders.

The idea that because breastmilk is good for babies in general (it IS), and that because Vitamin A is present in it that it must also be good by association, is an example of the "association fallacy".  If breastmilk contains other well-known toxins and we know those aren't good for us or the babies, then Poison/"Vitamin A" can easily fit into that category as well.

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