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Blue Zone Nicoya, Costa Rica--low Vitamin A diet example


So, I got an email from the Blue Zones today about the group in Nicoya, Costa Rica.  The Blue Zones is a National Geographic endeavor to find common habits among those areas of the world with the most 100-year-olds-plus.  While I believe it started out with good intentions, the Blue Zones is slowly morphing more into propaganda and promoting narratives that the West wants to believe, rather than just looking at the actual evidence.  We can still use it if we know how to filter it, and what has been added/implied later that is not truly "traditional" for these groups.

In the email, it talked about a very common dish for these folks in Costa Rica called casado.  I figured it would have a foundation in low-to-no Poison/"Vitamin A" foods.  I was not disappointed.
"As we mentioned before, Costa Rican dishes are very diverse, and according to different regions the typical dish may vary a little bit. But, we can say that the very traditional lunch of all the ticos is a complete meal named “casado”. This dish consists in, basically, rice, beans, meat–it could be fish, chicken or meat in any of its presentations--and green or pasta salad."

Rice, beans, and meat are all low-to-no Poison/"Vitamin A" foods.  If this was the foundation of a group's diet, I would now expect them to live long, healthy lives.  Only problem is, now the powers that be are fortifying maize/corn AND sugar in Central America, so expect the folks who eat these things to soon say goodbye to that longevity pattern.

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