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Testimonial: Birth control pills started the downward health spiral, now migraines are GONE

Before reading the quote, it should be known that oral contraceptive pills (OCP), also known as birth control pills (BCP), are well-known in the scientific literature to RAISE Poison/"Vitamin A" in the bloodstream.  I have not done a thread on this at the time of posting this, it will be done though.

I also saw your post this morning about SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder, the "winter blues"] and poison A. I was actually just thinking of that yesterday. All of my health issues started at the age of 17 when I started taking oral contraceptives, so I was trying to think back and remember if I had SAD prior to that point, and I'm pretty sure I didn't. Prior to taking birth control, I was highly motivated, didn't procrastinate, I wasn't depressed (I can't say I was a happy kid, but that was family circumstances rather than my health), I didn't have gut issues, I always slept well. The only issues I had prior to starting birth control were ear infections and headaches/migraines, but my mom smoked in the house and I attribute those things to that. My period started when I was 14. It wasn't great (heavy bleeding, terrible cramping, up to 10 days of bleeding), but I didn't have the menstrual migraines that have plagued me since coming off the birth control about 10 years ago. Actually, I should tell you, the migraines stopped when we increased my zinc dose after my last hair/blood test! [she is a Nutritional Restoration program client, she tests, so we don't guess]

I'm just getting going on the detox because my personal life is in major upheaval (divorce and loss of a beloved dog). I have lost 9 lbs in the last couple months - it started because I didn't have much of an appetite with everything going on, but I also stopped eating dairy because it seemed like the easiest step to start with. I had assumed I'd gain the weight back when I started eating more again, but I haven't. So getting rid of dairy alone was huge for me. Alright, this is already too long. Thank you for everything that you do!

Dairy (other than ALWAYS ORGANIC ghee, butter, and possibly a bit of heavy cream) is a "perfect storm" for causing and worsening Poison/"Vitamin A" issues, so getting rid of it is a KEY part of the Poison/"Vitamin A" Detox.

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