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Observations about "Ray Peat diet" followers, advocates of Poison/"Vitamin A"

From someone quite familiar with Ray Peat diet forums on the internet:

The Ray Peat fans are so gung ho about vitamin A that when a dude gave himself hypervitaminosis A and D by using high dose supplements they still acted like it was no big deal! 

There is a lady who after 5 months on the diet at the age of 52 developed type 1 diabetes. She now requires insulin the rest of her life. She thought it was the sugar. But I asked her did you greatly increase vitamin A? She said yes she had been using a supplement! Ugh!

I am pissed because I was duped by a few members who pushed vitamin A when getting a lot of UV. So I would supplement or eat liver whenever I got a lot of UV to 'balance the vitamin D'. There was a practitioner who also said using vitamin D protects you against vitamin A overload. Well tell that to the guy who wrecked himself supplementing very high doses of both!

My comments:

  • Vitamin D supplements DO NOT counteract or "balance out" Poison/"Vitamin A" in the system.  In fact, both compounds (Vitamin D is a family of hormones, Poison/"Vitamin A" is a toxin) act to raise calcium in the system, which is a cause of many of the health problems related to their intake.
  • Grant Genereux demonstrated the connection between Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity and nearly all forms of autoimmunity in his free ebooks (linked on this blog-forum in another thread), so the Type 1 Diabetes connection is not a surprise.
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