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Testimonial: A lifetime of connections to Poison/"Vitamin A" and many improvements with Nutritional Restoration and Poison/"Vitamin A" detox program

My comments will be interjected below.

Dr. Smith,
I am just sharing some observations here for your information.

It's been a little over [time period] since I started working with you. I never got the results I was hoping for and now it looks like the vitamin A might have been a major factor. In fact, it might have been a major health factor since early childhood.

I did not know about the massive extent of the Poison/"Vitamin A" until's quite difficult to fix a problem one isn't looking for.

I was born with one kidney (which also likely means one adrenal gland). This was discovered when I had a serious case of nephritis at age 7. Before this I was also hypothyroid and not growing normally.

Poison/"Vitamin A" is associated in the literature with causing chronic kidney disease in children and adults...could being born with only one kidney have been a birth defect related to excess Poison/"Vitamin A"?  It would seem a plausible connection to me. Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity is the main cause of hypothyroidism today in my opinion.

Strangely I outgrew that and stopped taking thyroid hormone around age 8 or 9. The following 3 or 4 years were probably the healthiest years of my life.

In Grant Genereux's e-books, he discusses how Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity problems can "fade away" for a while during one's growth, as the liver is also getting larger and thus gains more storage capacity for Poison/"Vitamin A" the liver stops getting bigger, while too much Poison/"Vitamin A" continues coming in, the problems eventually return.

Then fatigue started setting in during my teenage years. There was also emotional trauma which I believe was a contributing factor. My mother also died from Leukemia when I was a teenager, which now makes me suspect a vitamin A connection.

Fast forward to 4 years ago. First of all, the benefits I have gotten from the program:

  1. I had been having an arrhythmia (pvc) which at times had been frequent and persistent. That gradually got better though it did sporadically return for brief episodes. It is mostly gone now. I think it was due to potassium deficiency which continues to stay stubbornly low. [Poison/"Vitamin A" blocks potassium channels in cells, causing what look like potassium deficiency symptoms, and also an extremely low hair potassium level.]
  2. I had sporadically been having cloudy urine that would leave sediment at the front of the toilet when sitting down for a bowel movement. It would sometimes burn when urinating and I would just drink a lot of water to flush it out. I had had this issue for decades but that has now cleared up. I think I may have seen it one time over the past year. [urine sediment is a marker of chronic kidney disease, and chronic kidney disease is very related to hypervitaminosis A]
  3. My high copper finally came down, at least on the hair test. I have done several hair tests previously starting about 16 years ago and copper was usually high. I think that has helped with anxiety and insomnia but the improvement was gradual. [Blood copper measurements are necessary to properly assess copper status, and I do believe that Poison/"Vitamin A" is a major source of copper-related issues through a connection to ceruloplasmin.]
  4. A year ago we addressed my iron overload which had skyrocketed. It seems to be staying in a good range now. [I also believe iron overload has connections to Poison/"Vitamin A", and I had been able to fix iron overload/dysregulation issues fairly well before knowing about the Poison/"Vitamin A" problem.]

This is longer than I intended, I just wanted to first let you know of the benefits I have gotten from your program.  Getting to what I now believe are effects of vitamin A.

I have supplemented with vitamin A on and off previously and taken cod liver oil as well as taking multivitamins over the years. When I started your program I was taking 20,000 iu for a while then dropped back to 10,000 iu. I knew that too much was not good and did take some breaks. I continued this pattern up until a couple of months ago.

This is an important part.  I was taught to use Vitamin A supplements by multiple people, and never warned of any toxicity issues.  I now know better, so I do better.  In my Nutritional Restoration programs, the goal is to give the body what it needs and help it get rid of what it doesn't want. As is evident above, this person had obtained results through "restoring their nutrients", many of which are directly related to protecting the body against and/or detoxing Poison/"Vitamin A", and this was happening even before I realized the extent of the Poison/"Vitamin A" problem. While a vast majority of the benefits can be obtained simply through the "detox", by putting the proper nutrients in based on "testing, not guessing, then addressing", we can relieve or fix many things faster and/or better.

One issue I have had when trying to do most everything on the program is worsened hypoglycemic symptoms. I have not been able to pin it on one supplement. At different times I have cut back on different things and it has improved. Most recently I noticed it when pushing the potassium and then again with vitamin C. I cut back and it is better. I am now tolerating 3 grams pretty well which I wasn't 3 or 4 months ago. Not sure how vitamin A fits into this but I suspect it does.

Yes, it does.  A small number of people with Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity become noticeably sensitive/intolerant of magnesium, potassium, and/or Vitamin C when the toxicity or detox is flaring up and there is more Poison/"Vitamin A" in the bloodstream.  This improves when the problem has been reduced.

When I watched your first FB live video on vitamin A, what caught my attention was the reference to hypercalcemia. I thought the vitamin A was supposed to correct that by counteracting excess vitamin D.

This is what I had originally been taught by the hair mineral analysis world, sadly, is it entirely incorrect and I had to figure out it was the exact OPPOSITE on my own, being awakened to this via Grant Genereux's e-books...there is a thread about the connections between A & D on this blog-forum.

About 6 months or so after starting on your program I developed a soreness in my right shoulder and limited range of motion. I did physical therapy and worked with a chiropractor. Nothing helped. Then I noticed a bony bump had formed on my right elbow which my doc said was a calcium deposit. I then realized what was going on in my shoulder. Eventually it cleared up and is no longer an issue. The bump on my elbow has also gone down.

Now, a few months ago I began noticing a stiff neck. This is nothing new for me but it is particularly sore on the right side and it pops a lot when in a certain position. And the muscles are sore from the right side of my neck down into my upper back. Adjustments and stretches do not help it. I am quite certain I have some calcium buildup there. I knew there was something systemic going on and when I heard you connect vitamin A with hypercalcemia it clicked.

My DO gives me a diagnosis of subclinical hypothroidism. My symptoms fit that diagnosis - particularly fatigue, dry skin, constipation, and brain fog. Add to that cold intolerance now that winter is getting near. I have tried taking a little hormone but have never tolerated it. The smallest dose available is too stimulating and disrupts my sleep. My lab numbers don't usually look too bad though on the last test my TSH was high even by the lab standard.

All of those symptoms listed above are on the MEGA symptoms list of Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity on this blog-forum.  Most thyroid problems are directly linked to Poison/"Vitamin A" toxicity.

I suspect that slow metabolism means a slower detox. I considered taking a thyroid glandular but decided against it because of possible retinoid content so I am doing a homeopathic formula instead. I am on day 28 and haven't really noticed any significant improvement except for the prostate symptoms!

I have already written you about this but I have had some BPH [Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia aka prostate swelling] for several years but not bad enough to be too concerned about. But over the last couple of years I have developed a sensation of pressure and mild pain - prostatitis. I had tried different formulas but the only things that seemed to help were quercetin and curcumin. I also started having some pains in the pelvic/hip/thigh bones which was very concerning. It seems that around day 24 of the diet I started seeing noticeable improvement in these symptoms. Now they are more sporadic and the prostate pressure and pain is almost gone.

I personally had experienced some symptoms that looked like BPH--having to urinate multiple times before being able to go to sleep and waking up 1 time or more in the night to urinate beginning in my 20 years later, after getting the Poison/"Vitamin A" out of my life/environment via my comprehensive Poison/"Vitamin A" detox along with doing my own Nutritional Restoration program, all of these symptoms are gone for me as well.  How many men do you know who see their prostate-related symptoms disappear as they get OLDER?  The answer is not many to none.  We are the exception, and there is a reason for this!

OK. That is all for now. Thanks for getting me on the right track.

Dr. Garrett Smith, the "Nutrition Detective"
Licensed Naturopathic Physician (NMD) in Arizona, home of the Love Your Liver program
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