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Anecdote - "I developed also most of my health issues after doing Ray peat diet - high milk, liver, carrot salad diet."

Hello Dr. Smith,

After a few months I am sending you my new blood tests. Hair test sample was send already.

I´ve been doing well during this time, this is why I did not write anything, as I wanted to seed the results after a while.

I have stopped taking Vit A supplements even longer time ago as I felt my body was full of it. My taste for carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, eggs and liver was also low (sometimes even resisting to eat it) even before the new information about Vit A toxicity. It makes total sense!

I´ve been on the Low Vit A diet for about a month now and my skin and digestion improved a lot! Now I understand why ma skin redness, itching and dry skin was always worse during not sunny days. I also always had worse skin when I had longer beard - probably due to UVB/UVA couldn´t reach my skin under the facial hair?

I already had after a week a strong detox/retracing reactions which were continuing for about 3 weeks till now. Now I feel much better! We don´t have much sun here in Slovakia now, so I use UVB+UVA lamp everyday to keep my skin clean! It works! No more skin issues.

I developed also most of my health issues after doing Ray peat diet - high milk, liver, carrot salad diet.

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