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Testimonial: Acne/red eyes/cramping gone...healthier gums, better mood, more energy now

I've been implementing doctor Smith's findings for almost a year, these are my results and observations so far:

-my upper back acne is almost entirely gone, my skin is getting clearer,  looking smooth and healthy

-I used to get red eyes easily, mostly from my computer job. I rarely get them now, eventhough I spend the same/more amount of time working with computers. I think my vision is improving (will have to test to confirm)

-my gums seem to be healthier, pointy and more pale, not as dark red (reduced inflammation I guess?) – bleeding was common during flossing, now not anymore.

-no calves cramping anymore – I could make my calves and feet "cramp on demand" before

-By far the most important difference I see is my mental/emotional state and my "baseline mood" and energy levels.

Brain fog only appears if I'm sleep deprived, depression and anxiety seem states of the past, now I might have some occasional negative thoughts which soon go away.

My default state is now alertness, curiosity, resourcefulness, focused, sharp thinking.

I do have days when my energy is on the lower side and I don't feel particularly cheerful but it's nowhere near any kind of depression, hopelessness or anything similar that was occurring before

I would like to mention how the changes I've done have improved my health and well-being without negative impacts. What I mean is that my previous attempts at improving my health were a give and take game where something improved while something else worsened. With Doctor Smith's changes I am experiencing only improvements – some happen faster while others slower but it's extremely exciting, I can't wait to see what will be the next thing to change for the better.

I feel very lucky and grateful to have stumbled upon Doctor Smith's work and the community of clients and followers who share their experiences, ideas, questions...

Thank you Doctor G, Julie and everyone else in the community!

Dr. Garrett Smith, the "Nutrition Detective"
Licensed Naturopathic Physician (NMD) in Arizona, home of the Love Your Liver program
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