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15 White Hued Fruit and Vegetables with Amazing Health Benefits

If the part you want to eat of a plant food is white or cream-colored, it is likely very low in carotenoids (Poison/"Vitamin A") and is thus probably very good for you!

The only one in this list I wouldn't recommend is the Jerusalem artichoke, as it is full of resistant starch (butyrate), which strongly activates retinoic acid production (that's bad).

15 White Hued Fruit and Vegetables with Amazing Health Benefits

(see link for full article, excerpt below, image from article)

What do cauliflower, bananas, pears, potatoes and mushrooms all have in common? They’re white (or at least the inside parts that we consume are). Although white hued fruit and vegetables aren’t normally given the attention they should in the health food world, this colour provides more than you’d think.

White foods are incredibly supportive of the immune system. They contain polysaccharides called beta-glucans that increase the production of white blood cells (involved in the immune response), and increase cellular mobilization (allow immune cells to respond faster to harmful invaders). They also contain a potent antioxidant called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), that has been found to aid in the treatment of many diseases such as cancer.

Fruit and vegetables whose edible flesh is white have also been found to protect against stroke. Researchers at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands found that every 25-gram increase in the amount of white fruit and vegetables consumed each day helped reduce risk of stroke by 9%! This is amazing, considering one medium-sized apple is 120 grams (and if you’re like me, you can eat a lot of apples!).

Add them to smoothies, salads, and juices. For example, you could make a banana, apple, pear smoothie with some coconut water as the liquid base. Or, you could make a juice with apples, pears, ginger, fennel and celery (for some added saltiness). The sky is the limit!

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