Health Foods That Worsen Vitamin A Toxicity

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Watch out for certain “health foods” that may worsen “vitamin” A toxicity. Many foods marketed as healthy are causing health issues! For the purpose of this article, we will go over supposed “health foods” that worsen “vitamin” A toxicity or slow down the detox of “vitamin” A. You may be asking why we are keen to rid ourselves of “vitamin” A – it’s a vitamin; surely we’d want it to stay in our system, right? Wrong. My lifelong research in “vitamin” A, its toxicity and buildup in our bodies only prove that it is a TOXIN that we should avoid, and/or aim to expel from our bodies as fast as possible.   

Why might one want to purchase my Love Your Liver Program?  It is precisely because of the research I do (research is my thing), and the below study is one amazing example of the factors that are way beyond just simple searches of “vitamin” A contents of foods!

Here is the paper:

Potentiating effects of materials of plant and animal origin on symptoms of hypervitaminosis A in the rat.

List of Health Foods That Are Bad for You: Foods That Worsen “vitamin” A Toxicity

I’m going to summarize this for you, although you’re welcome to read the whole paper. These are all supposed “health foods” that have been shown to worsen “vitamin” A toxicity symptoms. Several of these foods are promoted to pregnant women, when “vitamin” A in excess is well-studied to cause birth defects! 

The foods in this list made pre-existing “vitamin” A toxicity WORSE in these rats (yet some of them do not contain much, if any, “vitamin” A” at all):

  • Alfalfa meal (for humans, think alfalfa leaf powder in “green drink” powders)
  • Dried alfalfa juice (for humans, think alfalfa juice powder in “green drink” powders)
  • Alfalfa residue (I believe this was the fibrous leftovers from juicing the alfalfa)
  • Defatted alfalfa (so likely plant “vitamin” A carotenoid-free), which means that it WASN’T the carotenoids in the alfalfa aggravating the problem, it was something else!
  • Aureomycin HCl, this is an antibiotic in the tetracycline family typically used in veterinary medicine
  • Oat grass (for all of the following grasses, again, think “green drink” powders, whether whole grass or grass juice powders, doesn’t matter, see alfalfa example above)
  • Dehydrated rye grass
  • Orchard grass
  • Wheat grass
  • Fescue grass
  • Dessicated liver
  • Water-insoluble liver residue
  • Water-soluble liver concentrate
  • “A product derived from fermentation sources”
  • Tuna solubles & fish solubles
  • Yeast
  • DPPD (N,N′-Diphenyl-p-phenylenediamine)
  • Palm kernel meal
  • Coconut cake
  • Acetone-extracted herring roe (fish eggs)
  • Soybean lecithin (phosphatidylcholine)
  • Fish solubles

Alfalfa, Edible Grasses, & Green Drinks Worsen “vitamin” A Toxicity

You may have to rethink your green juice “detox” – as it is having the opposite effect. Real detox doesn’t come from fancy, poor-tasting potions. This fitness industry gimmick will SLOW DOWN “vitamin” A detox:

The symptoms of hypervitaminosis A exhibited in the present experiment by rats fed supplements of alfalfa meal and other materials appeared to be identical in appearance, time of onset, severity and incidence to those of rats fed the purified basal diet supplemented with amounts of vitamin A considerably in excess of the amounts present in the above rations. These findings suggest that supplements of alfalfa meal (and other materials) may have promoted an increased absorption or utilization (or both) of vitamin A. That unidentified factors exist in natural foodstuffs which promote utilization of vitamin A has been reported by a number of investigators.

Fish Worsens Vit A Toxicity

Fish being categorized as a “health food” is one of the worst cons in nutrition. Sure, fish boast a lean source of protein and healthy fats when caught in the wild. Farmed fish are often kept in toxic, inhospitable conditions, similar to aquatic battery chickens; swimming in feces, unclean water; fed soy pellets, often cannibalize each other; and suffer from genetic defects. If you didn’t know, the meat of farmed Salmon is white-ish. Their “salmon” pinkish-orange color comes from a dye to make the meat look more appealing to consumers familiar with the rich red color found in wild Sockeye Salmon.

But on the subject of fish being a food that worsens “vitamin” A toxicity:

That at least two separate factors exist in the above supplements would seem to be indicated by the observation that the yeast factor is soluble in fat solvents (Patrick and Morgan, ’43) whereas the fish factor is water-soluble (Harms et al., ’56b).

Liver Worsens “vitamin” A Toxicity

Out of all “health foods” that worsen “vitamin” A toxicity, animal liver is probably the worst culprit. The reason is simple: liver, pound for pound, contains more “vitamin” A than any other food source. Note that both the fat-soluble and water-soluble fractions of liver were both included as well. The more liver you consume, the more “vitamin” A you’ll ingest, absorb, and get toxicity from. The sickest people I help after Accutane (isotretinoin) victims are those who force-fed themselves tons of animal liver. Simple as that. 

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