IVF / Fertility
UPDATE 12/6/16: She is now pregnant. 🙂

“Hey Dr. Garrett, I have the most amazing news!!!!! So as you know I was about to start my 8th round of IVF when we talked. I was on magnesium lotion for about a month and then started everything else u recommended (except ——– and ——-) about 2 weeks later. So I prob started all my supplements right about when I started my IVF stims. 2 weeks on supplements and counting…well anyway, we did the egg retrieval on Friday. We got 12 eggs, 10 were mature, and all 10 fertilized. We have NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN! Usually IVF is like a funnel effect so u start with a lot and end with a little. Well, today our embryologist called and our embryos have. Even growing for 3 days and all 10 are still growing, again, NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! Also, 6 are growing fast (never happened always have really slow growing embryos) and are already Morulas which is day 4. My first/only pregnancy with my 2 year old was with a morula embryo. And the other 4 are right on track at 6 cell/day 3. Everyone at the RE office is over the moon and so are we. Now, we still have to make it to day 5 or 6 blast, but the embryologist said that’s looking like it’s not going to be a problem. Then we have to biopsy them, send them off to be tested (PGD) to make sure they are normal. PGD tests for chromosomal abnormalities such as the trisomys. We have never done PGD, and basically our last ditch effort to find out what if any issues are with my embryos and why I’m not getting pregnant. So long story short, with your help and a new RE (bc our practice got bought out and we got new amazing doctors) I might finally have another baby!!!!!

Hope this email wasn’t overwhelming! I gave all my Instagram followers your name so if any IVF/IUI/TTC people call you, it’s bc of me and my raving about you on Instagram. Anyway, I’m over the moon and I literally could kiss u and if I get pregnant I’m 100% your poster child and will recommend u to everyone I know and don’t know!”