“Just wanted to give you a quick update. The gut issues I had last week have resolved. I have had to keep my dose of [supplement] lower due to loose stools, but I seem to be doing alright with # capsules/day (I was taking # or # with no issues until last week).
Energy is better, so I’ve started doing Pilates a couple times a week in addition to my daily walks with the dog.
In regards to hormonal health, I’m starting to see changes. My period started Tuesday and while I did still have a migraine, it lasted 1 day instead of 3. Cramps weren’t as bad as usual, and my energy was also better than usual.
I think the biggest change I’m noticing, though, is that I’m starting to want to do things again. What I mean is that for a really long time now, I have been coming home from work and just wanting to veg out on the couch the rest of the evening and not do anything. Now I’m coming home and playing with my dog, doing chores, cooking, or whatever else needs to be done and it doesn’t feel impossible.
So anyway, I’m happy with the progress I’m seeing.”