My health history included uncountable visits with doctors, alternative health practitioners, healers and nutritionists. After every try I just found myself a bit sicker than before, which led me to think that I simply didn’t try hard enough.
I started to live in a bubble of restrictions. My health was far away from becoming better. But somewhere in between all this heavy tiredness, low energy, chronically sick feeling brain fog bubble I was lucky to find Dr. Garrett Smith.
I’ve been following his program now for three months.
Nothing that I did to gain my health back the last ten years is coming close to what huge impact the last three month had on my health.
I have not a single reaction to food anymore. I eat whatever I feel like. No more restrictions. This alone took a tremendous stressor off my shoulders.
I am emotionally more stable and the confidence of getting even better makes it easy to keep up the work with Dr. Smith.
My sleep improved so much too. I sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed.
I lernen to listen to my body’s own language again. By getting better and symptoms vanishing I can now see what caused these symptoms that I thought had been just normal and a part of life. But they are gone. You never now how sick you really are until you start feeling better.
My endurance in all life aspects got so much better now. I can work a stressful period without crashing in between or afterwards, which I did regulary before this program. I feel I want to exercise my body again.
It’s still some work to do for me, but I am over excited what will be in a year when the outcome is like this just after three months.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking just for healing on a physiological way, like I was, but the program will also heal you on a psychological way, because you gain the strength to look at these issues on your own without needing counseling.
Beside all the health benefits it saved me already a lot of money. Supplements are customized and not picked up randomly from the most useless but most expensive ones on the market.
Also with Dr. Garrett Smith you have a very very nice practitioner who will always listen to you and answer your questions. And if you listen well you can learn a lot.
I used to be sick and obsess about my health all the time. After working together, I’m much healthier and I hardly think about my health at all!