“The hair test analysis has been the best investment in my health I have ever made, nothing else even comes close. At the time I signed up for my first hair test analysis, I had eczema all the way up my arm, thinning hair, receding gums, and food sensitives. I developed eczema and food sensitives for the first time at age 28. I tried both the Paleo diet and the Ray Peat diet and an endless number of supplements on my own without any success. Within 6 months of working with Dr. Smith, my eczema fully disappeared (and has not come back in the two years since). After a year of working with Dr. Smith, my gums appeared to stop receding, my hair started noticeably thinning less and my food sensitives greatly diminished. Lately I have noticed my mood, energy, and emotional resilience are at an all time high. I have had such amazing results.”