“I happened to come across the whole FCLO(fermented cod liver oil) scandal in recent days and I was absolutely shocked. Despite me taking the FLCO, my Vitamin D levels were low on all blood tests and my doctor recommended I go on Vitamin D supplements, which I did. When I first came to you, I mentioned that I had been suffering from heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat that would force me to sit down, facial paralysis, unexplainable weight gain, nausea, dizziness throughout the day, and migraine headaches. I went back to my journal for that time period, realised I had been on this FCLO pretty consistently for about 2-3 years and never connected the dots together. My CRP was always elevated as well, and when I went to my blood test results, I noticed a spike in my CRP levels, triglycerides, high LDL whenever I had gone back to the FCLO (sometimes I’d forget to take it for a few days which would turn into a few weeks and then I’d go back to it). I had this gut feeling at first that it was the Vitamin D supplement I was taking and as soon as I just stopped the Vitamin D and CLO, I felt so much better! I couldn’t understand at the time why I was eating so well and taking all the “right” things and still feeling like crap, and in fact the worst I had ever felt in my life.
I have to say I have personally experienced the same thing that others have mentioned: when I started or restarted the FCLO/CLO, I’d have amazing improvement initially and then suddenly things stopped working. At the time, I blamed my symptoms on poor adrenal health or Lyme disease. Never once did I suspect it was the FCLO! The outcome was the same as what others have mentioned: my health improved and symptoms went away immediately after stopping all CLO and Vitamin D supplementation. If it had really been poor adrenal health or Lyme, I’d still be out of energy and sick all the time, but I had never felt so much better until I stopped the CLO and Vitamin D.”