35 years Chronic Health issues
“I have been on Dr. Smith’s Hair Mineral Program for the past three years, and it is the only program that has proven itself to work for me (and my family members who are on it now also, after my success). After 35 years of chronic health issues including fibromyalgia and hormone imbalances, I had given my best efforts to conventional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine & acupuncture, numerous diets (low carb, alkaline, vegetarian, vegan, Weston A. Price, and everything in-between), custom supplements based on blood tests, and even iridology. I saw many well-intentioned specialists who had many answers that led nowhere, as well as doing tremendous amount of research on my own. I was just leaving my “I give up” phase when I came to Dr. Smith with very little optimism and a literal long list of ailments. Slowly in some areas and quickly in others, I began to see improvements – and then began to cross each health issue off my list. My experience with the hair mineral analysis program has been one of “two steps forward and one step back” as my body has cycled through the healing process. Dr. Smith has walked me through each bump and celebrated with me over the successes that followed. Having confidence in my health provider and three years of consistent improvement makes it easy to continue – I have my list to look back on and a whole lot of hope to cross off the few remaining issues. I would encourage anyone who is considering Dr. Smith’s program to jump in with both feet. His unique approach has been a worthwhile investment, and his communication is top-notch. Our family is the healthiest we’ve ever been!
A Very Happy Client”