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*Basic. Does not include any testing, you can provide your own testing


Initial Nutritional Restoration - *Basic


Initial Nutritional Restoration – *Basic

Does not include any testing, you can provide your own testing
*Basic Included in ALL Nutritional Restoration Packages:
  • One-hour phone or Skype consultation
  • Medical tests and test results provided to you in PDF format
  • An individualized Nutritional Restoration Treatment plan as prepared by Dr. Smith,
    based on the testing that is done. “Test, don’t guess, then address.”
  • The Level 1 Basic Package includes a basic treatment plan that has proven quite helpful for many, and customization is limited to Dr. Smith’s impression of the person’s issues and history during the consult.  It is not as individualized or precise as it can be with testing. Dr. Smith’s best work is done through nutritional testing (hair and/or blood, both is best).
  • 3 months access to the Dr. Smith Client Information Folder on Google Drive (you must have or get a Gmail/Google account to access) that contains the documents and videos produced by Dr. Smith and are all related to the mineral program
  • Lifetime access to Poison “Vitamin A” & Glyphosate online Detox Program
  • Access to the Private Blog Forum, the platform to exchange ideas and experiences with other participants.
  • Private personal Google Drive Folder containing your treatment plan(s), lab results, 
and analysis reports
  • 3 months of follow-up email support on what was covered in the consult, extended up 
to 6 months with paid & scheduled follow-up test package


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