Nutrition Restored

Garrett L. Smith NMD

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You are, confused, stuck, overwhelmed, and tired
You need help finding your way back to health

Get your health & life back

There is no such thing as
“medical disease”
There is only metabolic dysfunction that is caused by toxicities
Leading to mineral deficiencies

You can get better

How does it work?

You suffer from autoimmune disease, chronic illness or depression
You know that the life you are living is not the life you want

Vitamin A Detox

Dr. Garrett Smith is the leading expert in connecting health issues to chronic Vitamin A toxicity.

Hair & Blood Analysis

We Test, We Don’t Guess.
One must be able to interpret the hair and the blood tests correctly to understand how they relate to each other.

Nutritional Restoration

Give the body what it needs
  And help it gets rid of what it doesn’t want

The Unified Theory of modern Chronic Disease

Treating The Root Cause

The Unified Theory of Modern Chronic Disease
connects the constant exposure from environmental toxins to the epidemic of Vitamin A toxicity,
which heads into nutrient deficiencies,
and modern chronic disease.


Recovery Revolution

Our advantages over others

A New Approach to health and life