Chapter 11

Dairy Foods Do‘s and Don‘ts

From the blog-forum, please read:

“The perfect storm of poison Vitamin A problems from dairy products”

  • There is no need in the human diet for ANY dairy at all.  This list is not advocating dairy consumption, it is saying what in the dairy world seems to be OK (or at least isn’t problematic) in regards to long-term health and not causing Poison/”Vitamin A” problems.

  • ALL dairy should be ORGANIC.  Non-organic dairy cows are fed tons of glyphosate-soaked grains.

  • Dairy consumption is a major culprit in the CAUSE of many people’s health problems.  Don’t screw this part up.

Eat These

OK Dairy Foods

Organic Full-Fat

  • Butter or Ghee

(2 Tbsp/day MAX of one or the other)

  • Heavy cream or sour cream

    (2 Tbsp/day MAX of one or the other)
  • Real blue/bleu cheese
    (list here)
    max 1x/week for probiotic purposes, if you tolerate it

Avoid These

Dairy Foods


  • Butter
  • Anything made from milk that is not on the OK list.

Grass-fed or grain-fed?  I don’t have a great answer to this…because, some people feel better on one and not on the other, and it is NOT always the same one!  Cows eating grass are eating Poison/”Vitamin A” carotenoids, and their butter is more yellow because of this. Cows eating grains are being supplemented Poison/”Vitamin A” retinol in their feed.  If you decide to eat the OK dairy foods, it will be up to you to experiment and see which one feels better to you.


Goat milk contains more VA and calcium than cow’s milk.