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Chronic Insidious Vitamin A Toxicity, aka Hypervitaminosis A

The biggest and most important nutritional discovery in the last 100 years. Discount this at your own risk.
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START HERE...Summary, Grant's books, the "rules", the misconceptions, the falsehoodsFoundational knowledge about how this atrocious problem happened and why most of the "understanding" of Poison/"Vitamin A" is incorrect18 Topics · 18 PostsLast post in Cod liver oil is a poison and the … by Dr. Garrett Smith23 hours ago
Compounds that stimulate Poison/"Vitamin A" activity in a BAD wayThese don't contain actual Poison/"Vitamin A", they just aggravate/exacerbate Vitamin A problems, both in the research and experience12 Topics · 13 PostsLast post in Abscisic acid is a toxic retinoid … by Dr. Garrett Smith2 days ago
Conditions / Diseases / Syndromes caused by Poison/"Vitamin A"Maybe you've had some of these issues, and want to know if they might be connected36 Topics · 36 PostsLast post in Asthma in adults by Dr. Garrett Smith24 hours ago
Asthma in adults
By Dr. Garrett Smith
24 hours ago
Poison/"Vitamin A" case studies / anecdotes / examples / observations / poisonings / recoveriesReal people reporting their observations of their health when on different amounts of Poison/"Vitamin A"25 Topics · 25 PostsLast post in Psoriasis spots gone, stronger dig … by Dr. Garrett Smith18 hours ago
Compounds that help protect against and/or detox Poison/"Vitamin A"The first solution to the Poison/"Vitamin A" problem is to CONSUME LESS, the best way to "detox" is to first stop "intox-ing"22 Topics · 22 PostsLast post in Cannabis / CBD / THC / cannabidiol … by Dr. Garrett Smith2 weeks ago
Problematic Nutritional Deficiencies and/or Excesses caused by Poison/"Vitamin A"What if most of the nutritional "problems" of the world were caused by one thing?5 Topics · 5 PostsLast post in Poison/"Vitamin A" depletes Vitami … by Dr. Garrett Smith1 month ago
Are we being purposely poisoned with Poison/"Vitamin A"? Interesting coincidences...If you're suspicious of what is done in the name of "science" these days, you'll want to read these...12 Topics · 12 PostsLast post in Potatoes created with higher level … by Dr. Garrett Smith2 weeks ago
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Topics in progress, just a list of links and quotes to evaluate/connect laterBy Dr. Garrett Smith0 Answers · 165 ViewsLast post by Dr. Garrett Smith4 weeks ago
By Dr. Garrett Smith
4 weeks ago