BAD AG Protocol

Chapter 2

B.A.D.-A.G. Protocol

What you need to know about detoxing Vitamin A!
Please Read Carefully

The FULL Poison/”Vitamin A” Detox process should be expected up to two years (depends on how toxic you are) if you do it correctly. Longer if you half-ass it. The reason for up to two years is that not only do we need to get the stored Poison/”Vitamin A” out of the tissues, it also needs to repair/fix/correct all the damage to the proteins/cells/tissues that was done while the toxicity was present.

If you do this correctly, it is nearly guaranteed that you will have detoxification / retracing / “flare-up” reactions as your body is getting rid of the Vitamin A from the liver and the various tissues it has been stored in. The zeolite is your best option to reduce these “detox” symptoms, as it binds to all the things we want to get rid of.

It is common for people to feel some sort of improvements in their symptoms during the first 3-7 days of reducing/minimizing/eliminating Vitamin A from coming into their body. Take this as a good sign you are doing things right. This is your body getting relief from the Vitamin A coming in, a “rest” of sorts from the poisoning that has been happening for years previous to this.

Then, it is *normal* for people to start having detox symptoms, retracing symptoms, and/or flare-up symptoms over the following 3-4 weeks after these initial improvements have faded away. These reactions will simply start and end on their own, the thing that allows the process to happen is the reduction or elimination of Vitamin A coming into the body, nothing else really HAS to be done.  

It is also *normal* in this process for the appetite to greatly increase in the beginning stages–without any weight gain associated with it–and then to go back down to normal levels later.  You should also take this as a sign that things are progressing properly.

Let us cover the types of reactions I just mentioned:

Detoxification can show up as these symptoms

  • It is possible that new symptoms could show up for a short time, before going away.  This is called a “detox reaction” or a “healing crisis”.
  • Symptoms could be ANYTHING from The MEGA symptom list of Poison/”Vitamin A” toxicity and DETOX symptoms
  • Bowel “detox” changes
    • Changes in smell
    • Tendency towards loose bowels
    • Poison/”Vitamin A” detox can lead towards temporary constipation
  • Urinary “detox” changes
    • Changes in smell
    • Darker urine than normal
    • Cloudy urine
  • Sweat “detox” changes
    • Increase in sweating
    • Increase in body odor, or a change in body odor
  • A metallic taste in the mouth
  • A feeling of moisture in the ear, particularly at night or upon waking
  • Symptoms of a cold or flu, such as cyclical fever, coughing, body aches, sinus issues


Retracing shows up as symptoms that you have had before in your life, that had seemed to have gone away or had been suppressed (most commonly this is done by the use of pharmaceutical medications).  Here is a longer article for you to read on it if you wish. Some people call retracing a “healing crisis” or “unwinding”, the term doesn’t matter, the concept does. If you get retracing symptoms by simply avoiding Vitamin A, this tells you that the original issue was CAUSED by Vitamin A toxicity, and that you are now detoxing the Vitamin A from those very same areas. The “detox retracing” will look and feel exactly like the “intox” did, or even possibly more intense, as the body is able to get rid of it faster than it came in.

Flare-ups. The difference between retracing and flare-ups is that retracing is an issue that one had previously, seemed to have subsided, then comes back…and flare-ups are issues that were present when the program began, and simply get a bit worse than they typically were before going away entirely. What is happening here is the exact same process as the retracing, it is part of the detox. Because flare-ups are “more recent” to the body (as in, they’re still happening when the program is started), they happen early in this process, and as retracing issues are “older” to the body, they tend to happen later in the process.



So, the process will basically look like this:

  1. Start program fully.
  2. Note mild improvement in symptoms and possibly an increase in appetite, typically within 3-7 days of doing things correctly.
  3. Expect the detox/retracing/flare-ups to begin after this point.
  4. Flare-ups of current issues come first, then subside
  5. Retracing issues come later, with more recent issues retracing first and older issues retracing later, then these subside too.
  6. At approximately the 6-month mark, a lot of a person’s Vitamin A toxicity issues are then gone and you feel much better.
  7. As you stay with a lower Vitamin A intake over time, other issues will also likely go away (weight issues, long-term chronic pain issues, skeletal misalignment’s, TMJ, etc. are all possibilities).

The lower your intake of Vitamin A, the sooner your detox will begin, and the sooner it will be over.

It seems that the very act of eating meals that contain almost no Vitamin A accelerates the detox process quite a bit, so don’t be surprised if you notice your detox/retracing/flare-up reactions worsening after you eat a “good” low-VA meal.



  • First, you must know that if you do absolutely nothing other than sticking to the diet plan, they will pass on their own.  That said, you don’t have to suffer unnecessarily. Grant got rid of his eczema and life-threatening kidney disease by ONLY doing the no-Vitamin A diet.
  • If you have itching, this is the Vitamin A detoxing through your skin. The Detox Cycle Bath (see Media Library) with baking soda in it will help to neutralize the retinoic acid coming out through the skin and relieve this symptom. 

  • Zeolite. More information in chapter three.


    1. Magnesium is necessary for the body to get rid of Vitamin A, as well as reducing the inflammation that the Vitamin A causes.
    2. Magnesium supplementation instructions are included in the Client Info folder provided to private clients as indicated on testing.
    3. I assess and treat (test, don’t guess) magnesium deficiency based on a combination of both hair calcium and hair magnesium levels.  I greatly prefer topical / transdermal approaches to pills. Magnesium deficiency is at epidemic levels.  My private clients get extensive information about magnesium supplementation. Contact my office if you are interested in exploring this further.


    1. Zinc is necessary to make Retinol Binding Protein, one of the ways the body protects itself from Vitamin A.
    2. Zinc supplementation recommendations are provided to private clients as indicated on testing.
    3. I assess and treat (test, don’t guess) zinc deficiency based on a combination of blood zinc + copper + ceruloplasmin levels combined with hair zinc + copper + phosphorus levels.  Zinc deficiency is at epidemic levels. Zinc supplementation can be overdone and induce a copper deficiency, so regular 6-month assessments are suggested until a long-term stable zinc regimen can be established.  Further customization of zinc chelate types for my clients is made upon proper assessment of methylation status. Contact my office if you are interested in exploring this further.


    1. Boron helps prevent bone damage/loss (osteopenia/osteoporosis) from Vitamin A.
    2. Boron supplementation recommendations are provided to private clients as indicated on testing.
    3. I assess and treat (test, don’t guess) boron deficiency based on hair boron levels. Boron is considered the most common soil nutrient deficiency in the world, which means it is not in the food either. Contact my office if you are interested in exploring this further.


  1. Based on the connection that Grant made in his third e-book between breast cancer and Vitamin A toxicity, and the very obvious connection in the research between selenium being helpful and protective against breast cancer, I have decided to make the connection that selenium (antioxidant mineral) is protective against retinoic acid (oxidized and most damaging form of Vitamin A).
  2. I assess and treat (test, don’t guess) selenium deficiency based on hair selenium levels.
  3. Selenium supplementation recommendations are provided to private clients as indicated on testing. Another very safe way to get enough selenium is to eat (on average) 5 Brazil nuts daily, and there is NO evidence anywhere of any danger of overdosing selenium this way.  Further customization of selenium chelate types for my clients can be made upon proper assessment of their methylation status. Contact my office if you are interested in exploring this further. 


    1. Molybdenum plays a role in multiple enzyme systems in the liver.  One of these enzyme systems–xanthine oxidase–has been shown to oxidize Vitamin A and that enzyme system is part of the pathogenesis (disease creation) of gout. Vitamin A (retinol and/or carotenoids) toxicity has been implicated in causing gout.  There is a connection here. I believe that a molybdenum deficiency inhibits proper liver function, which then aggravates and/or accelerates the development of Vitamin A toxicity problems.
    2. Molybdenum supplementation recommendations are provided to private clients as indicated on testing.
    3. I assess and treat (test, don’t guess) molybdenum deficiency based on hair molybdenum levels + blood copper levels. Based on testing and observations, molybdenum is hardly present in the food supply any longer.  On the other hand, excess molybdenum can cause its own issues and also could deplete copper, so regular 6-month assessments are suggested until a long-term stable molybdenum regimen can be established. A sensitivity to alcohol, and/or to wine (sulfites), and/or to caffeine, and/or a history of yeast or fungal issues can further suggest molybdenum deficiency manifestations. Contact my office if you are interested in exploring this further.

Vitamin E

    1. Vitamin A toxicity depletes Vitamin E, and Vitamin E supplementation has been shown to reduce the side effects of synthetic Vitamin A.
    2. Vitamin E supplement options are included in my treatment plans.  Vitamin E is also easy to get from sunflower seed based products. One of the options below, taken daily, is sufficient:
      1. 1 TBSP of organic high-oleic cold-pressed sunflower oil, taken uncooked (may be added to foods after cooking if desired)
      2. 2 TBSP of sunflower butter (I am extremely partial to the Trader Joe’s yellow top version)
      3. ¼ cup (4 TBSP) of sunflower seeds  
    3. Vitamin E supplements that are brown, orange, or reddish in color are derived from red palm oil, they are very high in carotenoids, and should be AVOIDED.

Vitamin K

    1. Vitamin K is necessary to prevent bone damage and hemorrhaging induced by excess Vitamin A.
    2. Vitamin K supplement options are included in my treatment plans.
    3. Most of the highest sources of Vitamin K are also high in Vitamin A, and are thus not something we want to pursue.  Foods that contain Vitamin K and are also acceptably low enough in Vitamin A include: chicken, beef, green cabbage (the whiter aka less green the cabbage, the less Vitamin A), butter or ghee (the whiter in color, the less Vitamin A), grapes/raisins/sultanas, sauerkraut (made from green cabbage), cauliflower, turkey.

Vitamin C

  1. Vitamin C (more info will be added later, 2-3 grams daily or more of a non-GMO ascorbic acid is a good start)

HERBS/COMPOUNDS that seem to help protect the body from Vitamin A (more info to be added later)

  • Turmeric/curcumin
  • Milk thistle
  • Quercetin