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Please watch this video first, if you haven’t already:

  • Yes, I did give Vitamin A to my nutrition clients for a long time, and I took it myself for 5 years.


  • Yes, I do now absolutely believe that long-term, Vitamin A is not a vitamin, it is a poison, and it causes an insidious, chronic toxicity that no one else figured out until Grant Genereux did his amazing work.
  • Yes, I do think that many/most people had Vitamin A toxicity when they came to me (that was likely the cause of many of their problems). Based on my positive client results before I knew about the Poison/“Vitamin A“ problem, I do believe that the GOOD that I was doing was outweighing the BAD of me giving Vitamin A supplements. That said, I do believe that over the long-term, the BAD of the Vitamin A would catch up and overpower the GOOD that my program was doing. It happened to me, that’s for sure!
  • Yes, I am in contact with Grant, and he has been very approving to this point of the info in this folder. IF you see things in this folder that I suggest that contradict something Grant wrote, go with what I have here.
  • IF you see contradictions between this Vitamin A information and my older information in the Dr. Smith Client Info folder, the Vitamin A information here SUPER-CEDES everything else.