Chapter 9

Animal Protein Do’s and Don’ts

A word on PROTEIN:

  • MINIMUM of 50 grams of TOTAL protein per day, from all sources. If you don’t do this, you will not be able to make enough Retinol-Binding PROTEIN that your body needs to PROTECT you from Poison/”Vitamin A”.  More than 50 grams is fine and encouraged!
  • I would suggest eating a significant amount of animal protein at MINIMUM 2 or 3 times per week.  More is encouraged. 1 time daily is great, and more is OK. You still need to hit the protein minimum above!
  • I do NOT agree ***long-term*** with the all-muscle-meat Carnivore Diet OR a totally vegan diet.  Both are highly imbalanced.


  • Eggs:

Egg white protein

  • Offal (ORGAN meats):



  • Eggs:
    Egg YOLKS
  • Offal (ORGAN meats):

This includes bone marrow.

  • MUSCLE meats:

Red meat: beef, lamb/mutton, bison, buffalo, goat

Poultry: chicken, turkey, duck, any other birds/poultry.

  • Fish & shellfish:
(see notes)
  • MUSCLE metas:


  • Fish & shellfish:

All. (see notes)

Let’s talk about fish and shellfish

ALL of it contains mercury, some more than others.  Hair tests don’t lie, and hair mercury level goes up and down directly with how much fish/shellfish people eat.  Much of it has parasites in it. Most of it has pharmaceutical drugs in it from the water. I don’t endorse eating any of it, because it is all full of poisons.  If I was going to eat any of it (I don’t), I would do these things:

  • I don’t eat shellfish at all.  Cockroaches of the ocean. They were deemed “unclean” for millennia for a reason.
  • I would only eat white fish (salmon is pink because of carotenoids, for example).
  • I would want the fish to be frozen before I ate it to help kill parasites.
  • I would take an extra dose of zeolite either before or after I ate it, to help grab onto all the extra poisons I just knowingly and willingly put into my body.
  • Moral:  I don’t eat fish or shellfish. I know too much about it. Eat at your own risk.

Bone broth, gelatin, collagen, and the glycine/methionine topic

  • Gelatin first. If you are going to eat gelatin in any form, it better be ORGANIC! Glyphosate/Roundup will substitute for glycine in the connective tissues that gelatin is derived from, so if it is not organic, it’s likely a huge source of glyphosate.
  •  Collagen is simply gelatin powder that is enzymatically digested more so that it doesn’t “gel”.  Same rules as gelatin, better be ORGANIC!
  • Glycine next. Some people do great when they up their glycine intake, it can help their sleep and anxiety.  Some people do TERRIBLE. If you like getting more glycine, go ahead. If you don’t like it, then don’t do it.  Simple. No, I don’t believe the claim that glycine “detoxes” glyphosate, and I have seen no research to suggest that it does.
  • Bone broth is full of gelatin (might be a glyphosate problem).  Bone broth is full of calcium (Poison/”Vitamin A” causes calcium to become much more problematic).  Bone broth may contain bone marrow, a significant source of Poison/”Vitamin A”. Bones will concentrate toxic lead that the animal was exposed to, which then comes out in the broth. I have never seen any of the health magick happen from consuming bone broth that everyone likes to talk about, and I sure haven’t seen any published research on it.  I don’t think it is worth it.
  • If I was making a special (ie. holiday) soup, I might make some bone broth for it.  I might use some gelatin in a recipe once in a while. I don’t bother with collagen any longer, I eat real food for my protein.  Glycine never did anything for me. Hope that explains my position well enough.