How do I work with my clients?

“I really consider myself a teacher of health and nutrition at heart.”​

The Nutrition Detective

About Me

  • Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) in Arizona
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Physiology, minor in Nutrition
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

My History

I’ve been in the medical field for over 15+ years. Prior to that, I worked in the fitness and strength & conditioning industry for 12 years. It was my work in the fitness field that sparked my interest in nutrition, as they are completely inseperable.

Treating the individuals health issues

My Mission

In my approach with clients, my only concern is results for that individual. While other practitioners may insist on dogmatic and stiff approaches (either their program works or they basically “fire” the person). I don’t work like that. Through using lab testing (hair and/or blood tests), we get a look inside a person’s mineral & vitamin metabolisms. By looking at a person’s symptoms and finding out what has helped or worsened a person’s condition in the past, we gain further insight into how that person’s individual body works. There are foundational approaches that I utilize with in nearly everyone, and with everything else I observe and adjust to help fit a person’s program to them… I’m not trying to make the person fit the program.

I'm only interested in people feeling better

My Vision

 If you listen to most mainstream and even alternative medicine people today, it would seem that human health has become much more complicated than ever before! Is this true? Not really. By using the research that is already out there, knowing about the deficiencies that are present in the food, the toxicities we are exposed to by choice or otherwise, and observing how one reacts to various things, we can come up with an individualized and  “evidence-led” approach that works for that person. If the tools we try don’t work in the beginning (based on a person’s reaction and/or lab results) we continue looking for what WILL work. Giving up on a client is not an option. My original website was “DoctorAsTeacher.com”, based on the docere tenet of Naturopathic Medicine. My ultimate goal is to help people get better while also teaching them the tools how to help themselves stay better (which includes how to look at health approaches with a logical and skeptical eye). I really consider myself a teacher (of health and nutrition) at heart.

In recent times, I have been focused on uncovering and spreading the word on the disastrous effects that Vitamin A toxicity (including carotenoids) has on people’s health.
I consider myself a leading expert in connecting and most importantly, correcting, the chronic Vitamin A toxicity that is truly the cause of our modern world’s chronic diseases.