Weight Loss

"You do not know how happy I am today putting all these pieces together. Since I started your program I've felt better the past 2 weeks I have in years. I've lost 9 lbs even though I'm eating (eating a lot actually, I've been getting all my potassium in from fruits and veggies). I feel like my body may actually be starting to function correctly and I may have a chance to beat this (especially if I can get these pesky infections under control)! ♥ I've been going to naturopathic doctors for 8 years now, and while they've helped me immensely, I've been treating my "adrenals" for 8 years and my cortisol levels have barely increased the tiniest amount IN 8 YEARS!"



Prudence and I would like to “publicly” thank Dr. Garrett Smith for remedying our 2.5-year case of infertility. He’s done an amazing job at fixing the root of the issue. He continues to have this kind of success with countless other couples, and we’re super thankful for the extra support he gave us throughout the whole process.

Before getting on to Garrett, we had tried heavy progesterone therapy, coupled with charting, for quite some time (which has a 70% success rate). We also tried a couple of other natural remedies (wild yam cream, superfoods) but nothing seemed to work.

By a series of random events, I ended up buying a book (thanks Nicole Miller) written by Dr. Garrett Smith and Matt Stone called “Solving the Paleo Equation”. I was enthralled by what they had to say, laying down all the foundations of no-BS health. So I wrote an email to Garrett asking if he’d have anything for us to try with our infertility. He responded in the affirmative, saying that our infertility was most likely due to a nutrition problem.

So we both went ahead with Garrett’s recommendation, an assessment of our internal minerals through a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). We then received from him a comprehensive mineral treatment program tailor-made for each of us, along with a 1-hour Skype consultation. After minerals, vitamins and whole-food supplements were ordered, we began replenishing our bodies from the ground up.

Six months in, and, thanks be to God, we conceived our first child! All of the multifaceted efforts paid off immensely (and our bodies are feeling constantly energised and de-stressed as a nice side-effect).

We absolutely recommend Dr. Garrett to anyone needing help in the area of fertility, or any area of health for that matter. It’s truly amazing what the body can do once it’s given what it needs.

...little Louis is certainly enjoying life

Mathieu Couture Teacher


“After 10 years of neuropathy following a right thyroidectomy, the hair testing program and supplements from Dr. Smith are the only thing that has taken it away. I have spent the last decade trying countless medical, natural and homeopathic remedies, along with acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga and other avenues, without success. I am so pleased to finally be free of this pain.”


IVF / Fertility

UPDATE 12/6/16: She is now pregnant. 🙂

"Hey Dr. Garrett, I have the most amazing news!!!!! So as you know I was about to start my 8th round of IVF when we talked. I was on magnesium lotion for about a month and then started everything else u recommended (except -------- and -------) about 2 weeks later. So I prob started all my supplements right about when I started my IVF stims. 2 weeks on supplements and counting...well anyway, we did the egg retrieval on Friday. We got 12 eggs, 10 were mature, and all 10 fertilized. We have NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN! Usually IVF is like a funnel effect so u start with a lot and end with a little. Well, today our embryologist called and our embryos have. Even growing for 3 days and all 10 are still growing, again, NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! Also, 6 are growing fast (never happened always have really slow growing embryos) and are already Morulas which is day 4. My first/only pregnancy with my 2 year old was with a morula embryo. And the other 4 are right on track at 6 cell/day 3. Everyone at the RE office is over the moon and so are we. Now, we still have to make it to day 5 or 6 blast, but the embryologist said that's looking like it's not going to be a problem. Then we have to biopsy them, send them off to be tested (PGD) to make sure they are normal. PGD tests for chromosomal abnormalities such as the trisomys. We have never done PGD, and basically our last ditch effort to find out what if any issues are with my embryos and why I'm not getting pregnant. So long story short, with your help and a new RE (bc our practice got bought out and we got new amazing doctors) I might finally have another baby!!!!!

Hope this email wasn't overwhelming! I gave all my Instagram followers your name so if any IVF/IUI/TTC people call you, it's bc of me and my raving about you on Instagram. Anyway, I'm over the moon and I literally could kiss u and if I get pregnant I'm 100% your poster child and will recommend u to everyone I know and don't know!"


Cod Liver Oil Damage

"I happened to come across the whole FCLO(fermented cod liver oil) scandal in recent days and I was absolutely shocked. Despite me taking the FLCO, my Vitamin D levels were low on all blood tests and my doctor recommended I go on Vitamin D supplements, which I did. When I first came to you, I mentioned that I had been suffering from heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat that would force me to sit down, facial paralysis, unexplainable weight gain, nausea, dizziness throughout the day, and migraine headaches. I went back to my journal for that time period, realised I had been on this FCLO pretty consistently for about 2-3 years and never connected the dots together. My CRP was always elevated as well, and when I went to my blood test results, I noticed a spike in my CRP levels, triglycerides, high LDL whenever I had gone back to the FCLO (sometimes I’d forget to take it for a few days which would turn into a few weeks and then I’d go back to it). I had this gut feeling at first that it was the Vitamin D supplement I was taking and as soon as I just stopped the Vitamin D and CLO, I felt so much better! I couldn’t understand at the time why I was eating so well and taking all the “right” things and still feeling like crap, and in fact the worst I had ever felt in my life.

I have to say I have personally experienced the same thing that others have mentioned: when I started or restarted the FCLO/CLO, I’d have amazing improvement initially and then suddenly things stopped working. At the time, I blamed my symptoms on poor adrenal health or Lyme disease. Never once did I suspect it was the FCLO! The outcome was the same as what others have mentioned: my health improved and symptoms went away immediately after stopping all CLO and Vitamin D supplementation. If it had really been poor adrenal health or Lyme, I’d still be out of energy and sick all the time, but I had never felt so much better until I stopped the CLO and Vitamin D."


Hormones & Energy

"Just wanted to give you a quick update. The gut issues I had last week have resolved. I have had to keep my dose of [supplement] lower due to loose stools, but I seem to be doing alright with # capsules/day (I was taking # or # with no issues until last week).
Energy is better, so I've started doing Pilates a couple times a week in addition to my daily walks with the dog.
In regards to hormonal health, I'm starting to see changes. My period started Tuesday and while I did still have a migraine, it lasted 1 day instead of 3. Cramps weren't as bad as usual, and my energy was also better than usual.
I think the biggest change I'm noticing, though, is that I'm starting to want to do things again. What I mean is that for a really long time now, I have been coming home from work and just wanting to veg out on the couch the rest of the evening and not do anything. Now I'm coming home and playing with my dog, doing chores, cooking, or whatever else needs to be done and it doesn't feel impossible.
So anyway, I'm happy with the progress I'm seeing."



"I’m so happy to tell you that my sleeping has improved hugely! I’m sleeping about 7 hours a night in total which is totally amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!! I still wake up 2 – 3 times a night, but I’m sure with time, that too will improve, and mostly I just fall straight back to sleep. I had one day last week where I was really fatigued and felt exhausted, which may have been the healing crises you explained, but other than that I’m feeling great and have pretty good energy levels. Even my fibromylagia pain has improved a lot."


Energy & Fungus

"Doc, I am impressed more and more every day that passes by the effect of your plan. I am in [England], November I am walking in tank tops and feeling constantly warm and great. Energy levels and focus are high, the foot fungus that used to bother me for many years is gone, the nail fungus there is declining, I have fewer allergic reactions and I can tolerate things I couldn't in years. My joints are in a great condition and I am moving softer than teens. I am very grateful for your help and knowledge- wanted to tell you that!"


Back Stiffness

"I wanted to tell you that I've been off of nightshades for only a week & I already feel better. I used to wake up every morning with a very stiff back. When I got up I hobbled around like a very old person. I can't believe how quickly it is working. I wondered if it was my mattress. Then after the x-rays I thought it had to do with that. I've had a lot of anxiety about my back problems. Now I can almost forget about them. That's how much better I feel. Thanks to you.

By the way, what do I do with all the tomatoes and peppers in my freezer? (lol)"



"I'm trying to be conscious of nightshades and limit consumption. I think I'm noticing a decrease in headaches and muscle tension in my neck. I would get headaches quite often that felt like they were coming from tight neck muscles which I just attributed to poor ergonomics. But I also noticed that headaches would come on after I ate. The last 3 times I had marinara sauce, I had a headache. That's when I decided to reduce the nightshades and see how I felt. So far so good. I will definitely keep up this experiment. Haven't had a bad headache in 2 weeks. It's great!"



"Hi Garrett

Thought I would share this with you. Yesterday I had coffee with a friend who I hadn't seen for about 3 months and she said whatever I was doing, to keep doing it!!! She said my skin looked amazing and that you would never know that I had kids as old as they are (I was 29 when I had my first one, so not as if I was a teenager!!).

So, not only must I look better, after going gluten free and not having digestive issues anymore, I feel better 🙂 🙂

Can't thank you enough 🙂"


Eczema, Sensitivities, Regrowth

“The hair test analysis has been the best investment in my health I have ever made, nothing else even comes close. At the time I signed up for my first hair test analysis, I had eczema all the way up my arm, thinning hair, receding gums, and food sensitives. I developed eczema and food sensitives for the first time at age 28. I tried both the Paleo diet and the Ray Peat diet and an endless number of supplements on my own without any success. Within 6 months of working with Dr. Smith, my eczema fully disappeared (and has not come back in the two years since). After a year of working with Dr. Smith, my gums appeared to stop receding, my hair started noticeably thinning less and my food sensitives greatly diminished. Lately I have noticed my mood, energy, and emotional resilience are at an all time high. I have had such amazing results.”


Hair/Nail Regrowth & Feeding

"I haven't even consulted with Dr. Smith yet, but I have some amazing news- I've been following the "what you can do right now" protocol you sent me for three weeks along with changing everything he said to with my current supplements and I have HALF AN INCH OF HAIR GROWTH! In three weeks! My hair has always grown MAYBE two inches a year. My nails are going crazy too, I've had to cut them twice. Oh, and I'm producing more breastmilk when I pump... I haven't changed anything else! This is so cool! Thank you so so much and please thank Dr. Smith for me if you have a chance!"


Energy & Fertility

"I started on Dr. Smith's program because a friend recommended him. I was suffering with constipation and low energy. After only 6 months on the program my energy had improved greatly and I was more regular than I had been in 2 years. My hair was thicker, my skin had improved, and I was surprised to find that I was pregnant! I had struggled getting pregnant in the past and this one was a complete surprise! Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable and as a medical professional the reasons behind his treatment are fascinating. He uses up to date research and really has a passion for what he does. He's very patient and willing to work with you when problems arise with your treatment. I believe he is truly helping people to improve their health by getting to the root of the problem instead of treating symptoms with a prescription pad."


TPO Antibodies

"Wanted to let the good Dr. Know that my TPO antibodies are undetectable. I drew labs and just had my Dr. Visit!! Yay!!!"


Brain Fog

"While on Dr. Smith's program, I experienced freedom from the brain fog that I've had for nearly all my life (and I'm in my 60's). And as to saying "nearly all my life' I actually cannot remember ever NOT having brain fog. I was magnificent at memorizing and regurgitating, but was practically incapable of independent thought! Thanks Doc!"


Kidney Stones

"I just wanted to send a quick note that I celebrated 1 year without passing any new kidney stones, as of yesterday! I have no idea if I still have additional stones hanging around or new ones forming, but this bodes well. I first started your program last March, about a month before the last stone I passed."